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Is Westwood Capital Services a Broker?
  Yes, Dennis Sexton is licensed with the California Department of Real Estate license number 01224593
Is there and advantage to using WCS (Broker) as opposed to a traditional lender?
  • WCS is not employed by any one company or contracted to send your loan to any one company. WCS is your advocate to obtain a loan that best fits your needs. When meeting with you we will identify the lender that offers the best pricing and terms that fit your needs.
  • Service – I meet at your place of business and since I am a Notary I can meet at your place to sign loan documents as well.
  • I don’t get paid until you get your money.

WCS is a Banker not a Bank. We’re what Bankers used to be: creative, looking for ways to do your deal regardless of size, looking for solutions not reasons to deny your request; unlike the Banks of today.

Does it cost more to borrow money through a broker?

NO, not with WCS. Typically all lenders charge a loan fee. Those that don’t charge loan fees are generally co-ops that have ownership stock that must be purchased as part of the loan or slightly higher rates to cover costs. Fees charged by WCS are typical and competitive with the market. The fee structure is the same as that of local banks and lending institutions offering the same services.

The fees charged by WCS include both the lender fee and Broker fee.

Typically the lender fee is paid when the loan is submitted to the lender. WCS fee is collected at close escrow.

Appraisal fees, title and escrow fees are the same for most lenders.

Both Zions Ag Finance and American Farm Mortgage are located out of state. What do I do if I have a question or need partial release or other loan servicing?
  WCS services all loans funded through Zions Ag Finance and American Farm Mortgage. If you have any questions, problems or need any loan servicing you contact WCS.
There are other banks and lenders in the area that offer Farmer Mac loans. Why use WCS?
  Experience. Dennis Sexton began originating Farmer Mac and Farmer Mac type loans for Prudential Ag Investments in 1990.